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Offline documentation

DevDocs centralizes documentation for a large number of programming languages and packages including many relevant to Data Science. The available documentation includes R, Python, Julia, JavaScript, pandas, Numpy, scikit-learn, SQLite, and much more.

The site is designed to use local storage for offline use, and the great thing is you don’t need to change anything to work offline. Just set up the sync the documentation you want and then visit the website, even if you’re offline.


  1. Go to https://devdocs.io/
  2. In the menu bar on the left in the “Disabled” section (underneath CSS, HTML, HTTP, JavaScript, and Web APIs) find the documentation you want to access offline, hover over a version number, and click when it says “Enable”. You should see the documentation you just selected added to the list at the top of the side bar.
  3. Go to https://devdocs.io/offline and click “Install all” in the top right corner (or just select the documentation you want to sync by clicking “Install” next to each set of documentation)
  4. Leave the “Install updates automatically” box checked if you want the site to update as newer versions of the documentation become available or uncheck it to update manually.
  5. Enjoy browsing the same docs (including the integrated search), in the same way, online or offline!