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These are the manual steps for creating a CarpentriesOffline flashdrive:

(Work in progress)

  1. You will need a 4GB flashdrive to start with
  2. Download Slax Linux. If you have a 32bit computer you will need the 32bit version which you can download with this link: https://slax.org/download-slax.php?a=32bit&b=Debian. If you have a 64 bit computer, download Slax with this link: https://slax.org/download-slax.php?a=64bit&b=Debian
  3. The file you just downloaded is an ISO image which you can mount on your computer as a virtual disk. (Instructions to mount of the three main operating systems will follow soon).
    • To mount on Linux, assuming you are in the same directory as where you download the iso to.
    • sudo mount -o loop ./slax-##bit-#.#.#.iso
    • where the #s are replaced by the actual numbers in the name of the file you downloaded.

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